Elli Woolard

  • Un splendide album pour sortir du froid de l'hiver et accueillir la lumière du printemps !

    Quand petit ours pointe le nez hors de sa grotte à la fin de l'hiver, il se sent bien seul. Tous les animaux s'affairent pour l'arrivée du printemps et personne n'a le temps de jouer avec lui. Le printemps, mais c'est quoi, le printemps? Petit ours erre dans la nature et cherche la réponse à sa question, quand il trouve un drôle de caillou tout rond... Avec son nouvel ami, il découvrira bientôt la joie et la vitalité qu'apportent la nouvelle saison !

  • Little Goose's Autumn is a second stunning story from an exciting picture book pairing and the uplifting tale of a lively young goose finding her place in the world. As summer fades to autumn, a lively young goose feels a change in the air and senses she has something important to do - but what ? The beavers are chopping wood, the squirrels are storing nuts in the ground and the bears are busy building a den. The plucky little goose tries to join in, but without great success. She realizes her wings weren't built for chopping wood, or burying food, or building a den, but they were built for something magnificent - they were built for flight . . . A beautiful, lyrical and hopeful story about finding your wings and your place in the world. Written by star picture book author, Elli Woollard with wonderful illustrations by rising talent, Briony May Smith, whose artwork brings an autumnal landscape of mountains and forests to life with truly breathtaking beauty.

  • B>Little Bear's Spring is a glorious reminder for children and adults of just how wonderful the natural world is, and that, sometimes, the unlikeliest of friendships are the best kind./b>Little Bear has just woken up from his long winter sleep. But when he pokes his head out of the den, the world around him is vast, white and silent. The only thing he sees is a smooth little stone, just as alone in the snowy wilderness as he is. He nestles it in tight to his fur and off they go in search of friends. Little Bear's Spring is a lyrical story about friendship, with a gentle introduction to spring and what happens to the natural world when the seasons change. Written by star picture book author Elli Woollard and illustrated by Briony May Smith, whose artwork brings a sun-dappled springtime landscape to life with breathtaking beauty.